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5 Garden And Garden Tools Necessary This Fall

Autumn is a fascinating season for gardening lovers. As the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop, new opportunities and challenges present themselves for keeping gardens in optimal condition. To achieve this, it is essential  to have the appropriate garden and garden tools .

What are the gardening tools you need in your home in autumn?

To keep your green spaces vibrant and healthy during the fall season, it is essential to have the right tools such as:

1. Garden rakes

The garden rake becomes an indispensable ally during the fall as it is an ideal tool for cleaning fallen leaves and other debris without damaging the grass.

For this, there are different models available that are characterized by their size. As an example, there is the  14-tooth garden rake,  with a head made of high carbon steel and a wooden handle so that dry leaves and forage can be cleaned with greater safety.

There are also models of  rakes with 16 teeth,  as well as the same length, but with the  head reinforced  with aluminum rivets for more complicated tasks, such as loosening the soil for planting or maintenance. Additionally, the rake is an effective tool for leveling the soil, preparing it for planting grass or fall plants.

It is important to consider that by doing the corresponding sweeping, we are not only improving the aesthetics of the garden, but also avoiding possible problems such as the proliferation of pests or fungi.

2. Pruning shears

One of the garden and garden tools that you cannot miss are pruning shears, they are an extension of your hands that  help you shape and care for your plants .

The main function of the scissors is to eliminate dead or diseased branches, allowing the plant’s energy to focus on its healthy growth because remember that it is ideal to trim brown or dead areas so that other areas do not continue to be contaminated.

Therefore, consider purchasing pruning shears of different sizes to be able to work with both plants and trees. As an example, there are the  ¾ pruning shears,  which thanks to their small size are ideal for trimming your rose bushes, leaves, small stems or branches of shade palms.

For trimming flowers, where a very fine and fast cut is required, you can use  Fiskars pruning shears  with stainless steel blades, which remain sharp even after many uses and have a grip suitable for people with hand problems. such as arthritis or with little strength.

If you need to make thorn cuts, you can also use scissors from the same brand measuring ½ inch, which have an  Easy Action spring system  to avoid fatigue when making the necessary cuts on your plants.

For jobs that require a longer length, you can opt for Trupper’s 8-inch pruning shears  , which are designed to offer a better grip for easier use. It is ideal for cutting plants or small tree stems.

Scissors are also essential for shaping bushes and trees before the winter season, so you can create a robust and resistant structure using  tubular or  two-handed pruning shears .

3. Gardening gloves

In the fall,  gardening gloves are essential protection  as temperatures drop and the soil becomes wet. Thus, gloves help you protect your hands from cold and humidity.

Gloves  for gardening tasks  must be made of resistant materials, for example polyester, and it is ideal that they have a nitrile coating, a type of plastic, in the area of ​​the palms and fingers to provide better protection, resistance and mobility when working with plants in the garden.

These gloves are also designed with non-slip grip grooves to prevent them from becoming dislocated or sliding when working with plants, tools and soil. There are even  gloves made with water-resistant technology , ideal for protecting your hands from moisture during the fall.

Plus, don’t forget that gloves provide a vital barrier against thorns and sharp objects, ensuring you can work in the garden without worry.

4. Garden shovel

The garden shovel becomes the appropriate tool to sculpt that green space in your home. Its use is necessary when digging holes where you are going to plant your new plants and shrubs. For example, using a  round-tipped spade,  you can plant your fall bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, to create a solid start for these flowers that will bring life to the garden in spring.

Keep in mind that if you want to remove the soil, it is important to use a shovel with greater capacity to transport the soil. Therefore,  shovels with square tips  are recommended for this task.

In addition, the shovel is useful for moving soil and compost, preparing the ground for future plantings. In this case,  the broadsword-type shovel  may be ideal if you are only looking to remove the substrate and place the nutrients that your trees or plants need during the fall.

Finally, if you are only transplanting a few small plants, you can look for a  4-inch transplanter,  ideal for you to carefully maintain and place a new plant in your garden.

5. Brush cutters and lawn trimmers

Lawn maintenance is a task that you should not overlook during the fall , for this reason, having a brush cutter or trimmer is very useful, so that you leave your garden ready before the arrival of winter.

Keep in mind that the grass has to be cut regularly, because this way you can control its height, keep it healthy and attractive so that it does not become damaged or affect the health of your garden. To do this, it is ideal that  you purchase a brush cutter,  with which you can make the cuts straight and reach the corners to trim the grass evenly.

With pruners,  you can also make the necessary cuts with the advantage of covering a larger space. Generally, they allow you to make height adjustments to control the length of the grass, thereby stimulating the development of new shoots.

Although these  types of orchard and garden tools  are more sophisticated, consider that they are necessary because they help you finish pruning faster. Remember that a well-maintained lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also prevents fungal and disease problems that could arise due to wet conditions.

Final tips for caring for your garden in autumn

Now that you know what gardening tools you need in your home, don’t forget the following tips:

  • Cover your plants or bushes.  When fall arrives, the nights get colder, so your plants need a protective shield. Then, try to cover them with special plastics.
  • Controlled irrigation.  Despite the natural tendency for higher humidity in autumn, it is vital that you continue to water properly (avoiding excess water), especially those plants in pots where rainwater does not usually reach.
  • Monitor your status . Autumn is a transitional season that requires special attention and care, as well as appropriate tools to care for your garden.

Therefore, consider purchasing the  garden tools  that were mentioned above, so that you can carry out the maintenance and care of your green spaces appropriately.



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