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Different Types Of Plants For Our Home

One of the best options we can consider when we want to create the perfect environment in our home is to use different types of plants.

What are the benefits obtained from using plants in home decoration?

Plants help us complement the exterior and interior decoration and the possibilities of implementing them at home are diverse, since for each space there are accessories and functional elements to place the plants, improving the appearance of the place.

An additional aspect is that, by decorating the house with plants, we can obtain various benefits to maintain health due to their characteristics such as providing a calm, pleasant and serene environment that can be an important factor in reducing stress levels. There are also some specimens that help us purify the air, eliminating toxins, pollutants and impurities, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, etc.

It should be noted that there are some types of useful indoor plants that allow you to reduce dust in the home, because thanks to the fact that they maintain humidity in the environment and their purifying properties, the dust that circulates with the air sticks to their leaves, which The rougher they are, the greater the plant’s ability to remove dust.

So, if we want to reduce dust and clean the air that enters our home to better take advantage of the characteristics and properties of plants, we can choose to place them on doors and windows. It is important that the place where we place the plants is not close to other elements, such as electronic devices, since watering could cause an accident.

How to choose plants for our home?

To decide on one or another plant, we can choose those species that have flowers, those with foliage, trees in pots, those that are artificial or for indoors. However, we have to consider the more specific aspects of each specimen, for example when it should be watered, if it requires maintaining a temperature level, the lighting it should receive and many more factors that can influence our choice.

Generally, outdoor plants have to receive enough sunlight to stay healthy, which leads us to have to constantly water them due to daily contact with the sun’s rays and high temperatures. It is important to fertilize them with the ideal products for each type of plant , prune them and clean them of insects such as larvae or caterpillars, which eat the flowers and damage the leaves of some specimens.

Regarding the types of indoor plants, we must take into account that since they are not exposed to the sun, these specimens should be watered less frequently. Obviously, the temperature has to be appropriate for each type of plant, without exceeding the room temperature, in addition to maintaining an optimal humidity level. Fertilization is essential for these plants, so it is recommended to fertilize every 15 days or twice a month.

Taking into account each characteristic and care indication that outdoor and indoor plants should have , we can now choose the ideal type of plant to complement the decoration of our spaces.

Choose artificial plants

We will begin by detailing the easiest way to decorate a house with plants: use artificial ones. This is an ideal option for those who have already tried plant care, but just don’t like it. Also if in our home we do not have the place to place the specimens that cannot survive without receiving daily sunlight and we want to have that type of plant.

In this way, regardless of whether our routines and spaces are not suitable for decorating with plants, we have the opportunity to use artificial plants. The advantage of using this type of decoration is that we can create that natural atmosphere in a room, without wetting the surfaces due to watering or having to carry out the necessary and very meticulous care, such as that required for an orchid, for example.

Some of the artificial plants that we can find are:

  • Succulents .
  • Long grass .
  • Small bushes .
  • Ferns .
  • Orchids .
  • Plants with buttons .

Likewise, we can improve the interior of our home by creating a green wall with artificial grass. This is already designed in a mat format, so that we only take care of installing it on the wall. The models of grass to make artificial green walls are diverse, since we can find the classic green color, foliage with small leaves and even bougainvilleas to give a touch of color to the space.

Choosing foliage plants

Although foliage is known as the set of branches and stems with open leaves, flowers or fruits of trees, when thinking about this category we are referring to leafy plants. In this way, in the category of foliage plants we find an immense variety of species, such as:

  • Basil .
  • Cilantro .
  • Oregano .
  • Rosemary .
  • Telephone plant .
  • Elephant foot.
  • Dracena .
  • Fern .
  • Peperomias .
  • Clown plant .
  • Calatheas .
  • Roheo .

These are just some specimens that we can find in the category of foliage plants, although not all of them require the same care, they are part of the same group due to the lushness of their leaves, flowers and fruits.

Choosing Hanging Foliage Plants

There are different types of plants that can be hung from the ceiling or wall. Hanging plants have stems that do not grow upright, so their branches extend downward as they cannot support themselves. The branches of the plant can be formed in different kinds, such as long leaves or long rods.

Hanging plants usually seek sunlight, so it is very common to see how their branches extend along trees, walls or surfaces that come into contact with light. It is important to emphasize that these plants are usually very resistant and easy to maintain, since they adapt to space by climbing to survive.

However, it should be noted that hanging plants are called in this group because of their characteristics, such as their nascent rootlets at ground level, not only because they have been planted in hanging pots.

Some of the plant specimens that are part of this category are:

  • Ivy .
  • Hanging telephone plant .
  • Hanging fern .

The nice thing about hanging plants is that, in addition to beautifying a space by being on a surface, be it the entrance door or the walls of the house, there are also species that develop flowers of different colors and shapes, as is the case of the hanging calibrachoa (with flowers similar to petunia), vica or the geranium that grows in a waterfall .

Choosing flower plants

The different types of flowering plants are generally placed outdoors due to their need for sunlight for nutrition. This group of plants is very extensive, since some specimens, such as cacti or fruit trees, can develop small flowers on their surfaces.

However, of the floral plants that we can choose to beautify our spaces (and the best known) are:

  • Gerberas .
  • Rosal .
  • Petunias .
  • Belen .
  • Mexican tulip .
  • Chrysanthemum .

At Home Depot, we have the opportunity to find different types of plants for indoors or outdoors, in addition to the items, accessories and ideas to renew our home and create the environment we have always dreamed of.



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