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How To Choose The Best Patio Grills?

Enjoying free days and the natural environment outside is a correct decision to clear up and relax, at the same time we can take the opportunity to meet with our loved ones in order to taste delicious cuts of meat from the comfort of our home. To do this, we must have certain elements starting with patio grills, utensils, charcoal or fuel and the ingredients necessary for food preparation.

Regarding garden grills , we must know certain characteristics of these before selecting a model for our home. Therefore, some general aspects are:

  • They are made of resistant metals.
  • They maintain a table format, with legs as a base and a flat space.
  • They require a fuel source, it can be coal, firewood or gas.
  • There are designs that allow you to regulate the temperature, although the simplest ones do not have that function.
  • It can integrate a protective cover or wheels to facilitate transportation.

In this way, we can say that a meat grill has certain very specific details for its operation. However, there are many models of patio grills that are distinguished by their capacity, functions, size, type of combustion system, among other factors and characteristics that are very useful. Therefore, we are going to learn about the different types to choose the most suitable one for our needs.

How to choose a meat grill for our garden?

1. With coal or gas operation

Among the first differences that we find about patio grills is the type of fuel needed, the most used being charcoal or gas.

In the first case, they could be defined as traditional grills, since they use charcoal as a source of energy. This, beyond being a problem for using an old process, is a great benefit because the foods that are prepared acquire a highly desired flavor.

For this reason, many people decide to buy a meat grill that works with charcoal, although to put it into operation you need to prepare the equipment, placing the pieces of charcoal evenly and using a certain amount of time.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to start the fire on charcoal grills. In addition, we have to wait about 15 to 30 minutes to preheat the grill and then begin cooking the meat and accessories.

Gas-powered garden grills are more modern equipment and integrate more functions, since the fuel can be regulated to cook with greater or lesser intensity. Likewise, one of the great advantages of these is that we can finish food preparation more quickly, since in some models it is enough to turn on the rotisserie knob and wait a few minutes to place the meat and start cooking.

It should be noted that in this equipment it is very difficult to achieve the unique smoky flavor that food acquires when roasted with charcoal, but as an advantage we could mention that we will not need to apply a cumbersome process to start the fire and begin preparation. This is because the system of these grills is similar to that of the stoves we use in the kitchen.

So, we have the option of using a gas grill due to the ease of use, the alternatives to being able to use natural gas or liquid propane for its operation, considering that gas is a cleaner and, relatively, cheaper product compared to coal.

On the other hand, we must take into account that patio grills that use gas are more likely to have additional spaces to cook more food or organize the utensils and ingredients that we will be using in the preparation.

Although this is solved in a charcoal grill by purchasing a larger one, there is also the difference of being able to regulate the fuel used for cooking, so that we can achieve better control when grilling. This is possible because most gas grills are designed with a control panel, a power button and regulator knobs to turn on, turn off or define the level of flame used.

2. Capacity considering the number of guests

For the implementation of grills in the garden, it is essential to keep in mind the use that will be given to the equipment, taking into account how many guests will attend the meeting, how often we are going to use the grill or if we are going to prepare a large amount of food.

In this way, we must be aware of the use that we will give to the equipment, so that with that information we can define if we need simpler equipment that serves the basic function of grilling because we only make barbecues a few times a year. If we barbecue more frequently and with many people, it is better to look for equipment that has more space for cooking and integrates more accessories.

To give us an idea of ​​the capacity of the different patio grills that we can find, we should know that some small grills have a round shape, while the largest ones are barrel and cart types.

3. By size and space available to install

An important aspect for the acquisition of all types of equipment and appliances for the home is the measurement of the space available for installation. Thus, before choosing a meat grill, we must evaluate the place where we are going to place it.

To do this, we must identify that there are small-sized grills that are exclusive for easy transportation and traveling with them, whether for a trip to the countryside or going to a spa, park, etc. These can be very useful if we have a small patio,

There are also patio grills that have a significant length, which provides us with a large space to cook many pieces and cuts at the same time. Due to their dimensions, they are grills that can be built-in for a fixed and durable installation , although we can find other models that include functional wheels to move the equipment in order to take it out to the garden or terrace whenever we want and store it back easily.

4. Manufacture with resistant materials

The materials with which garden grills are made are one of the most important elements that we must consider when making your choice. Consequently, we have to look for equipment made from metals such as high-strength and stainless steel or that are coated with protective finishes.

Likewise, it is important that the grill maintains the same construction with resistant materials, because the temperature will rise considerably. The hygiene of the grill must also be a point that we must take care of, so this part has to be made of materials that are easy to clean and, in turn, withstand use at high temperatures.

5. Accessories and complements

To have the complete grill kit, it is best that we look for options with additional functions or objects. For example, there are models that have utensil holder hooks or an additional table to place products such as oil, plates and ingredients when preparing our barbecue.

In any case, we could purchase accessories such as gloves and apron, a cover to protect the grill from moisture or dust, utensils designed for grills, and fire starters.



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