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How To Decorate Your Home With Hanging Plants

Although it may seem complicated, we can also decorate small spaces without making them look saturated. For this, hanging plants will become an excellent option, since they will give a touch of elegance and color to our rooms without blocking hallways or transition areas.

It is important to place them strategically so that they do not interfere with the lighting and balance the rooms, so this time we will talk about how to decorate your home with hanging plants and create environments full of vitality.

What plants are the best?

Hanging plants have the quality of being able to receive greater air flow when windows or doors are open, so we can take advantage of this to place aromatic plants. In addition to standing out for their incredible beauty, they are easy to care for, their size is small, they help control pests and their smells are useful for refreshing and influencing the mood. We recommend peppermint and mint.

We can also place cacti, as they do not need much space or care, or succulents that tend to grow downward or hang. They are useful to enhance the light and prevent shadows from being created:

  • Chain of bananas or hooks: the name is given because of the shape of its leaves. They can grow up to 3 feet or more, so you need to keep cutting them back.
  • Donkey tail:  They are ideal for hanging because their growth is slow and they absorb enough water to survive. However, it is necessary to hold them firmly so that the weight does not overwhelm the pot. Under sufficient light they can produce small white flowers.
  • Othonna capensis –  Its stem is bright purple and bears yellow flowers all year round. Its growth is rapid, so it will also have to be constantly reduced.
  • Dischidia nummularia – They are easy to care for and produce white flowers. Its cascading fall can be used to create curtains of hanging flowers.

Where can we hang them?

Due to their versatility, we can place hanging plants in any room, however, it is best to allocate them to one place.

  • Bedroom: they will convey tranquility and harmony, while purifying the air and giving a natural style.
  • Kitchen: they will promote a positive mood, activate the senses and serve as a condiment for food (if they are aromatic).
  • Living room:  in the main room they will create a cozy, hospitable and happy atmosphere, while we spend time with family or friends.
  • Bathroom:  ideal for increasing relaxation and conveying well-being while taking a shower.
  • Balconies and terraces: they help to make better use of the space, in case you want to place a chair and table to read and have a coffee.

How to decorate your home with hanging plants?

Pots without drainage

If we do not want to be cleaning the floor, the pots have to come without drainage (perforation in the floor). This way, the water will not spill when we are watering nor will we have to remove them every time we carry out this task. It is also important to choose light pots so that we can hang them without weight problems.

Personalized touch with macramé!

Now that macramé is in fashion, we can make cradles with rope and cord for plants. For this we will have to bring out our weaving skills and make sure the net is securely fastened. It is important that we consider the height of our rooms to determine the length of the cord and the height of the hooks where they will be hung. We must make sure not to collide with them, if we place them under furniture.

To match the style, we can get rattan pots . They will give a very natural style to the spaces, generating a family and calm atmosphere.

On the wall

If you want to highlight the walls, we can hang them using a shelf bracket. There are pieces of wood and iron, with simple designs, geometric shapes, ornate designs and more. Without a doubt, they will be the perfect accompaniment to our plants, due to their durability, resistance and aesthetic quality. We can also use them to install them on the ceiling and hang the pots from there.

A creative option to hang plants from the ceiling is to make a lamp above the bed or in the center of the living room. We will only need a wooden or copper tube to place them lengthwise.

Creative ideas to decorate with hanging plants

glass jars

If we are looking for original designs for the bases of the plants, we can use glass jars. With a little rope or colored cords we will wrap the container, achieving a vintage decoration. To provide more color, flowers such as violets or lavender will be the perfect complement. If you do not have glass jars , we can replace them with aluminum cans.

Flower pots in animal shapes

The plants we want for the kitchen can be placed in animal-shaped pots. They will create a fun decoration and also go very ad hoc with the room. To hang them, an option is copper chains.

glass jars

There are glass designs that can serve as flower pots. One of the most striking in the shape of a drop, we can add a little soil, decorative stones and a cactus to decorate the entrance of our home. There are also heart-shaped, star-shaped, among others.


To continue with the vintage decoration, we can hang plants in cages. Since the design does not allow storing soil, it is best to opt for artificial plants and flowers. They are an alternative to place in bedrooms or bathrooms, as they create a romantic and very intimate atmosphere.

fish tanks

Within glass or crystal containers we also have fish tanks. They work well, since they provide a natural, sober decoration without obstructing the entry of light. If we do not want our cacti or succulents to grow too much , we must choose small fish tanks, or gather two or three species in one place.

Care for hanging plants

Select the container well for our plants

The bases or pots of our plants need to be strong enough to support the soil and the weight of the plant. We must consider that the size of the container will influence its growth, so the choice will depend on the type of decoration we want to create. If we want large plants, we must choose good-sized pots, so as not to have to transplant them in the future.

Ropes and chains

The fastening must be resistant and durable so that accidents do not occur. Ropes and chains are the best alternative, although they must be attached to equally supportive elements. In addition, you must choose those that match the style of the room and the pot so that an aesthetic atmosphere is maintained.

Enough light

When wondering how to decorate with hanging plants, you must be clear that they also need to receive enough light to grow and stay healthy. Therefore, they must be placed near windows or places where sunlight is reflected. If not, we will have to change their location regularly.

Water frequently

Not being in the ground, the plants cannot drain water or stay moist for long, so we will have to give them away as soon as we see that the soil begins to dry out. Nor should we abuse the quantity, otherwise it could gain weight from our pot. Doing it moderately, two or three times a day will keep our plant in good condition.

Add compost and fertilizer

To help them absorb adequate nutrients, do not forget to care for them with prepared soil and fertilizer. In addition, we must change the soil as soon as we see that it has rotted due to excess water or weeds appear, and clean the flowers and plants of withered leaves and branches.

Due to their beauty and versatility,  hanging plants are a decorative element that cannot be missing. They look great in places where we want to break the visual monotony, adding some color and texture.



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