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How To Maintain A Well-kept Garden?

There is a lot to take into account, from special care for each plant according to the season of the year, irrigation, fertilizer, or pest control. It is time to evaluate the big picture and become experts in knowing how to maintain a well-kept garden in our home .

How to take care of a garden?

We need the right tools, literally. Many times we tend to rely on only one or even two tools to carry out all the manual work (extracting weeds, digging holes, transplanting, etc.), but the reality is that several specialized tools are required if we want to do things well.

With this in mind, before reevaluating the state of our garden and making changes, let’s remember to have the essential gardening tools: spoon, cultivator, transplanter and hoe, one of Truper’s best garden sets .

Once that’s done, now it’s time to get to work.  What aspects of garden maintenance to take into account ?

To organize the spaces

Let’s define the space in which we will work and give it a little light.

  • Let’s install a fence and bars . Let’s try to separate the plants according to the care they need; those that require a lot of water here, those that need shade here, and so on. We could achieve this by grouping them by category, or separating them into their own “areas” using a trellis system. In that sense, seeking to delimit the extension of the garden and also decorate, there is the option of installing a  Muva wooden picket fence , whose attractive matte white color will highlight the green of the plants.
  • Let’s take advantage of smart light posts . The  Philips floor calla post has an LED light with a luminous flux of 600 lumens, and a long lifespan of 25,000 hours. Since it is suitable for being outdoors, we could install a row of these poles and thus create paths through the garden, being able to turn them on by simply asking our voice assistant (Alexa or Google Assistant) and thus have lighting that will surprise everyone. our guests.

Let’s look for the best land

Depending on the origin of our plants and the climatic conditions of our region, the soil must be different.

  • A soil with many nutrients . There are many types of soil that benefit plant growth, although  Vigoro’s prepared soil stands out for the amount of oxygen it provides, thus promoting the strengthening of roots. Likewise, it is convenient for us if we live in a very rainy area, since it drains well.
  • And the flowers? They tend to be more delicate and require special soil. Let’s look for one that has a greater amount of nutrients, or even coffee residues. Especially for African violets, currently very popular flowers, let’s try to get their  specific Nutrigarden soil , as it will keep them as moist as they need it.

Of course, if we want to help a specific plant or flower, we can continue researching  soil types .

Let’s extend the irrigation of the garden

We could continue doing it in a traditional way, using our favorite watering can, although we better look at automated watering options ! This is how we will escalate garden maintenance.

  • A gun that covers more surfaces . Let’s better project the water flow thanks to this  Pretul irrigation gun , which has five irrigation functions and a comfortable handle to hold. Useful if we have to water tall plants (tree crowns), or suspended pots; even if we have a small balcony garden.
  • Sprinklers to not worry . Now, this  Rain Bird irrigation sprinkler  covers larger irrigation needs, as it shoots water in uniform curtains, in a circular manner, at a distance of 2.4 to 4.6 meters. If we want to get rid of this task in a few days, this tool will be essential.

How to take care of a garden? It is a constant task, in which small tasks accumulate until each factor – irrigation, protection against the weather, soil, fertilizer, pesticide – is taken care of and, subsequently, produces a serene and pleasant space.

Let’s select the right fertilizer

Let’s promote the rooting and good nutrition of our plants according to their type and time of year.

  • Let’s not forget the indoor plants . Intended especially for those plants that are indoors, or are completely indoors, this  Pisumma substrate has water spheres that will help control the humidity of the vegetation. If we have just planted a plant that will produce flowers or fruits, this substrate is essential!
  • Let’s keep in mind a substrate for shrubs . Although it also helps the trees, this  Pisumma substrate in a 30-liter presentation is ideal for taking care of the bushes, at any time of the year, since it incorporates different types of nutrients with which they can maintain themselves very well.

Beware of bugs and pests!

Garden maintenance should  include fumigation, but periodically. What could help us?

  • Beware of ants . This  Anticide from Antex specializes in combating the leaflet ant, and does not represent any danger to other animals (in case we have a pet that spends a lot of time in the garden). Its main goal, of course, is to deal with the pest and not harm the earth while doing so, and that is precisely why it is a biodegradable product, easy to apply.
  • Wholesale bugs . How to maintain a well-kept garden? Focusing on harmful insects and parasites. For them, there is the  granular insecticide Imidacloprid , capable of eliminating mealybugs, blind goose, cutworms, whiteflies and more. We can apply it directly from the bottle, but with the appropriate protection! Let’s cover eyes, hands and take appropriate precautionary measures when applying it.

Pool care

Every inch of the garden should look great! That includes the pool and its water quality . Let’s see:

  • Transparency . If we have a pool or jacuzzi in this area, this  pool clarifier from Aqua Pool will be essential. Not only will it give it a cleaner color, but it will also get rid of dead algae, organic debris, and mold or other contaminants brought in by the rains.
  • A filter pump . An automatic water cleaning method, which is also usually compatible with various inflatable and semi-inflatable pools. This  Bestway pump will be able to filter 2006 liters every hour, although as a precaution we do not use the pool while this pump is doing its job.
  • Pool protection. It is true, the  Bubble King solar cover will protect the pool from the sun’s rays (preventing it from overheating and evaporating as a consequence), but also from branches, leaves and animals that may fall into it. If we have had rain or strong gales, this protection is essential.

In addition to this, we can also install anti-slip strips around the pool area, this can help prevent falls. On the other hand, let’s try to move the pool from time to time (if it is inflatable), so that it does not crush a single section of the grass too much.



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