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How To Make A Succulent Garden In Your Home

If you want to have a decorative garden for both indoors and outdoors, succulent plants are perfect to give them a unique design touch. Furthermore, a succulent garden does not require as much maintenance or time to do so.

But, before defining how to make a succulent garden, we will tell you what they are and which ones you can start with.

What is a succulent?

They are plants that easily adapt to the environment and warm climates, therefore, they do not need too much water to care for them.

Succulents have thick leaves and come in different colors such as: green, yellow or purple. In addition, they can spend long periods of time with a large reserve of water inside.

Their germination is an ideal factor to use them efficiently, since they can multiply by their stem or cutting. It means that more than one can be reproduced from a mother plant and transferred to pots or other objects. Therefore, it turns out to be an easy and economical option to decorate our home.

Which succulents are best for my garden?

Currently, there is a wide variety with which it can be decorated, but the easiest to obtain and plant are the following:

Cactus : They are elongated plants with thorns. They are perfect for spaces with little sun and show off shady spaces. However, care should be taken with its thorns, especially if there are children or pets in the home.

Aloe Vera:  Although in Mexico they are known more for their medicinal properties, there are varieties that can be perfect for decorating interiors.

Tree of abundance : It can be an option if it is about having beautiful flowers at home, since they are star-shaped. Also, it is characterized by having flattened leaves and looking like a small tree and can grow to a maximum of 4.5 meters,

Silk or fingers of god:  This succulent is circular, elongated and with green or red colors (depending on the season). It usually grows to about 25 cm in height and reproduces by stems or cuttings.

Immortelle:  Its name honors it, as it practically survives with very little water and in different climates. In addition, it looks like a rose, but instead of petals it has green leaves with purple or reddish tips.

Although its flower is beautiful and star-shaped, you will have to wait a couple of years before being able to appreciate it. Normally, they are used as ornaments distributed inside or outside the home.

Burrito or donkey tail:   They are like a child’s fingers, but with the difference that they resemble a braid of hair. They are ideal for jungle or forest themed designs.

How to make a succulent garden?

After seeing which are the most common to decorate the house, it will be time to define the steps to make a garden for both outdoors and indoors.

The basic materials to get started

  • The  succulent plants  of our preference.
  • Ceramic bowl, flower pot or other decorative objects.
  • Organic substrate for silk and/or succulents.
  • Vigoro prepared soil of 10 Kg.
  • Ornamental sea sand or gravel.
  • Scissors.
  • Garden hand shovel and/or plastic spoon.
  • Decorations such as seashells, sea glass or  decorative stones .

1. Let’s choose the pot and materials

We will use a 22 to 40 cm pot, ideal for large succulents or scale gardens. Also, we can choose different pieces from our home, such as cups or utensils that can be used to decorate the garden.

2. Fill the surface with a soil mixture

Although succulents are plants that need little water to survive, it will be necessary to prepare a mixture with an  organic substrate , coming from the same plant, plus  Vigoro prepared soil .

First we will pour the substrate up to a quarter of the surface of the pot or object to be decorated, and then fill with Vigoro prepared soil and stir everything with the hand shovel.

Why with this mixture and not with the soil from our garden? 

This way it can develop in less time and reduce the probability of developing fungi or bacteria. In addition, it will allow water to drain better and avoid small puddles.

3. To place the succulents

Regardless of whether it is for exterior or interior decoration of your garden, we must follow the following tips:

  • Make one or more holes with the  hand shovel  if it is a pot or large piece. And if you use a small utensil, it is better to make them with a spoon.
  • Carefully separate the succulents from their original pots and begin transplanting them.
  • So that the plant can breathe well and not stain the floor, it will be better to use a small piece of filter paper to cover the holes in the pot and prevent water seepage.
  • When we want to use some plants such as God’s fingers, burritos or trees of abundance to decorate our garden, we can do it in two ways: buy a large succulent and form several from there or buy many sizes and put one by one.

If we choose the option of a large plant to make others, the following must be done:

  • Separate the stems from the silk of the mother plant with your hand or disinfected scissors.
  • Rinse and leave the fingers to dry for a few days, before transplanting them as garden ornaments.
  • We will have to wait for the stem to close (maximum a week) and check if it does not contain fungi before transplanting.
  • Now, with the shovel or spoon we must place them carefully.

4. Let’s personalize the garden!

With sand, gravel and other materials we can give a desert feel to our garden. Therefore, here we have a way how to do it:

  • Pour the sand or gravel around and under the leaves of the succulents, without letting it get into the plants.
  • Begin decorating with shells and sea glass on the sand or gravel.
  • Then we will use a cloth to carefully clean the succulents.
  • Finally, you have to touch up the tips of its leaves with a brush soaked in natural and/or organic oil.

The decoration depends on the style and design that each person wants to give it, therefore, we invite you to create your own decorations with different themes, such as building  a terrarium with succulents. 

Final recommendations for our garden

For the garden to last as long as possible and with little periodic maintenance, it will be necessary to take these tips into account:

  • Avoid having plants exposed to too much water.
  • The best season for its growth and reproduction is spring and summer.
  • Do not worry if the plant has a dark green color, looks thin and elongated, it means that it is going through a peculiar process called etiolation. That is, our succulent developed in low lighting. Of course, you have to take care of it and bring it little by little to the heat.
  • We must check at least once a month if the garden does not have any pests or worms.
  • Once a week of watering the succulents will be enough.
  • To reproduce a plant in another space or utensil, good-sized leaves that do not present wounds or dehydration will be chosen; That is, they must be green and not white or split.

When it comes to decorating our home there are no limits. And doing it with succulents not only allows you to personalize the garden, it means saving time and money for those of us who want something practical and attractive.



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