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How To Prepare And Decorate Gardens For Meetings?

Do we have an event coming up and want our garden to look its best? Let’s read several tips on how to decorate and prepare the gardens for meetings after installing some elements that can make the difference to look our best.

Garden decoration according to the type of meeting

Of course, every event is different. For example, a barbecue might be scheduled every Sunday, while a birthday party happens once a year and a wedding might happen only once in a lifetime.

The degree of frequency and importance of these events – along with the style involved, whether casual or elegant – greatly impacts the  type of garden decoration  to be applied. Let’s look at four different situations in this regard: what products will enhance the garden decoration?

Child parties

Houses  with gardens  are ideal settings for children’s birthdays, especially because they offer a private outdoor celebration, where it is easy to keep an eye on the children and have a good time with close people.

  • Swimming pool . Children will love it in the months when there are high temperatures, apart from the fact that it will protect them from the sun. This  round pool from Bestway  has an integrated sunshade, which will allow children to swim without getting too tanned. Let’s place it in the center of the garden if possible, since its capacity of 1,688 liters means that it is 244 cm in diameter; will need space. Of course, let’s not leave them unsupervised at any time.
  • Picnic table . It cannot be missed, especially if there are many children invited to a celebration that includes food. This  gray picnic table  is foldable, making it easy to store and transport; Not to mention that it will still be useful to us after the party is over. Made of high-density weather-resistant resin, this garden furniture will accommodate up to 6 adults.
  • Blue lanterns . Another attractive garden decoration, which could even be classified as cute. And this  series of  semi-translucent sky blue Hampton Bay lights consists of 10 luminaires in the shape of traditional Chinese lanterns, although in reality they are several multicolored LED lights operated by batteries. Let’s hang it over the garden, knowing that it is 2 meters long.

Of course, we could also rent an inflatable castle or other entertainment methods, but the combination of these elements will help  make our garden a pleasant and memorable space .

Watch a sports event or match

Will it soon be the sporting event that we have been waiting for all year? Do we want to see some Mexican soccer classic from the first moment of the broadcast? We must ensure that the garden where we will receive friends and family is prepared for an event of this type, by purchasing these products:

  • Cooler combo . Having a soft drink or beer during a game is a tradition at this point, and that the drink is cold is very important for your enjoyment. Let’s consider purchasing a  combo of 3 Igloo coolers , each of a different size (a large one, a mini cooler and a can), where we will be able to store food and any type of drink without problem.
  • Several folding chairs . Houses  with gardens  cannot miss multiple  comfortable and folding chairs , whose metal structure is complemented by 100% polyester fabric. It comes with armrests and object holders, where we can place our respective drinks, and therefore it is advisable to buy several copies to accommodate all the guests. Once the game is over, we can save them and put them in their case.
  • Reflectors . Let’s take advantage of the light of this  Gyros reflector lamp from Estévez , knowing that it will foster the feeling that we are watching a show; calculating that its LED light beam points just behind or to the sides of the television. This lamp will be a smart purchase, as it will resist water and weather, in addition to offering 35,000 hours of life.

The meeting gardens are not just a space, but one that does everything possible to enhance the events that take place there, even if they are only televised.

Enjoy a wedding

Let’s not skimp on resources to make this event charming and unforgettable. Lighting and decoration will be key when talking about  garden decoration  where a wedding of our loved ones will be held.

  • Shiny artificial grass . If we are talking about a garden wedding, the grass needs to look spectacular. For this purpose, it is better to install  Phoenix semi-glossy green synthetic grass , aware that it will look natural and that it will withstand the traffic of the event and the installation of chairs, awnings and gazebos, as well as sunlight and its UV rays.
  • Path of lights . The happy couple will have to walk to the altar, and creating an impressive path will be easy if we install a row of luminous stakes such as these  LED path lamps from Hampton Bay  in the shape of a street lamp. They will generate a warm and romantic light, whose luminous flux of 8 lumens will be generated by sunlight. Considering between 6 and 12 streetlights may be a good idea for this project.
  • Decorative stones . The streetlights will mark the path, and then the decorative stones will delimit it. Let’s place this  Pisumma beach stone  in a straight line, right next to the lights; thus creating a simple and elegant path that the bride can travel without problem. Each bag contains 9 kg.
  • Elegant lanterns . Speaking of elegance, let’s give the garden attractive and classy lighting thanks to these  decorative lanterns from Inkandia , which can be hung from the façade of the house and the walls adjacent to the garden. They will produce circles of dim light due to their exterior design and the LED light bulb inside.

Adding music and delicious food to these elements, we will obtain a moving event.

Meeting for a barbecue

These types of meetings or parties happen more frequently, but that does not mean that it is not worth  improving some details of the garden . For example:

  • A new grill . We are going to be cooking different cuts of meat at the same time and at full speed, so it would be a good idea for us to have a  Nexgrill charcoal grill  on our side, which has side shelves where we can place condiments and ingredients or dishes already ready to serve. In terms of practicality, its adjustable ventilation and temperature meter stand out.
  • Awning that provides shade.  It will take just a few minutes to assemble this  instant awning from Shade Tech II , featuring a blue polyester canvas that resists UV rays, corrosion and humidity, and can also be moved anywhere. Let’s put it on the grill or, better yet, place the chairs and tables underneath, thus providing comfortable shade for our guests.
  • Garden room . And, of course, let’s not hesitate to renew the furniture and get this  Harmony Creek garden room from Hampton Bay , composed of 3 armchairs and 3 tables, on which we can put snacks, drinks and personal effects. In addition to this, we must highlight its soft blue fabric cushions, resistant to drink spills, UV rays and fading.

Regardless of the type of event we are going to hold at home, these tips will help us beautify the space without neglecting practicality.

Let’s continue to innovate in garden decoration

So, what else can we think of to  renew the appearance of the garden , whether incorporating specific elements of furniture or decoration? Let’s take the time necessary to make the best option.

Garden houses are   an excellent meeting point, and if we invest time and money in improving them, we may continue to host successful events for a long time.



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