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The Ideal Terrace And Garden Furniture For The Home

Finding the ideal patio and garden furniture for your home among so many options can take a while. However, there are some factors that we can consider to make the choice easier and the result just what we expected.

With the right furniture we can enjoy excellent moments outdoors and take advantage of different recreational activities in this space of our home. On this occasion we suggest five aspects to take into account if you are remodeling your exteriors.

1. The dimensions of space

Before choosing a model, it is important to make sure that the furniture is not too small in relation to the terrace or garden or the space will look empty. Likewise, we must ensure that they are not too large, in which case it will look saturated. The ideal is to be able to move freely between each of the areas. Maintaining this balance will not only help our furniture and accessories convey style, but also create the comfortable environment we are looking for.

For small spaces, it is advisable to choose pieces with simple lines and add a touch of personality with decorative accents, for which it is possible to take a modern or minimalist aesthetic as a reference. Examples of furniture that offer this possibility are the Byzantine garden set , with five pieces made of gray steel; the Slender steel chairs in the same shade or a square decorative table in glass and steel.

On the contrary, if we have a large space, we can place larger furniture or furniture with attractive designs. It is even possible to bring classic style inspirations to our outdoors with pieces such as those that make up the Laurel Oaks garden room ; which is pure elegance in two armchairs, a loveseat and a small coffee table. Other appropriate alternatives for large spaces are an outdoor bench or a futon-style swing with a silk canopy, which are good elements to decorate and make the space more comfortable.

2. The material of the parts

Before investing in furniture for the terrace and garden, we must consider whether we have the space to install an awning or pergola that helps us protect them from the sun’s rays and rain or if we require furniture that offers greater resistance to weather conditions.

Once this point has been defined, we will have the guideline to choose the material of our furniture, considering that those made of fabric, cord, natural fibers or wood will need outdoor protection or a storage space to preserve them for longer. good condition.

An advantage of this type of furniture is that they are very ornamental, so they personalize any terrace or garden without having to add many more elements. A hanging chair in the shape of a cocoon in white, wicker chairs in neutrals such as chocolate brown, sand or wood or   decorative black wicker chairs are some of the pieces that can achieve this effect, which makes it very convenient to invest in its care.

Another option is to choose furniture made of resin , a material derived from high-density polyethylene plastic that, when used in certain designs, emulates the texture of natural fibers, so that it can generate the same bright and traditional style in open spaces.

Resin furniture does not rust, does not expand as a result of heat and does not form splinters, so it is very resistant to the weather and low maintenance. A model that meets these characteristics is the Bucket chairs , in beige, made almost entirely of wicker with a steel structure that provides support.

3. The potential for use

The fact of being able to give more than one use to the furniture maximizes our investment. Therefore, another way to decorate is to prefer models without much design to which you can add, through accessories, touches of style in line with trends and the era. In this sense, purchasing a suitcase-type folding table is a good decision, since it is equally functional for a meeting at home, as well as for taking it to a picnic or to a children’s activity at school. The same case is that of folding chairs , which in addition to being comfortable, easy to store and move, can be used in different situations.

In fact, outdoor furniture that can also be brought indoors is increasingly used. For this, combinations of materials such as steel, with accessories in natural tones from the range of earth colors will be very suitable, since they have the relaxed air of garden furniture, but also the elegance of furniture to be used indoors. .

A living room set that provides this versatility is the Rohana model , made up of four pieces of gray steel and seats in a timeless shade of green. Among the furniture that we could also include in this category are gray steel garden rooms , such as the 5-piece Mondo model or the 6-piece black Baone garden set .

4. The budget

Getting inexpensive garden furniture that also adapts to the atmosphere we want to achieve in the patio or terrace is possible keeping in mind two criteria: that it is timeless and low maintenance.

Following the first, pieces like a square glass table with a steel structure are a smart purchase because they can adapt to any trend or decorative style. In addition to remaining valid for a long time, this type of furniture, made of polished-coated steel, is made to last due to its resistance to rust.

Another strategy that should be adopted when looking for patio and garden furniture is to look at resin, plastic and PVC designs, which are not usually expensive or delicate and provide benefits such as being easy to clean, resistant and not needing further care when installing. store them. Given this possibility, it is possible to choose from a wide variety, some such as the removable plastic tables  with their matching chairs, or the white garden bench , which are also easy to adapt to current trends.

5. The style

Comfort, functionality or finding affordable garden furniture are not all the aspects that we should consider to have ideal furniture. It is also good to keep in mind that purchasing furniture will be a sporadic investment, so we must be convinced that it represents us and will continue to do so until it is necessary to change it.

An interesting exercise to find or perfect our style is to investigate what the colors, shapes and lighting that we lean towards convey when thinking about the pieces that will dress our terrace or garden. Some ideas to carry out this purpose are to consult decoration books, talk to a specialist in the field or seek visual inspiration in films, photographs, works of art, or even create a Pinterest board with images that describe the atmosphere we are looking for.



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