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Tips For Choosing Garden Furniture At Home

Let’s make our usual garden look like a new one after  selecting several garden furniture , capable of transforming its appearance. Which ones will serve to organize and decorate in the best way? Let’s see it below.

5 tips to organize and renew with garden furniture

First, let’s explore some highly functional furniture, capable of turning the garden into a space where you want to spend some time.

1. Let’s create a place of relaxation

It will be simple, using only the three pieces of furniture included in this  Hampton Bay garden bistro , which consists of two brown rocking chairs, accompanied by their respective cushions and a coffee table where we will place drinks or snacks.

It stands out among other furniture, since the wood is resistant, and its fabric tolerates UV rays and fading.

This piece of furniture can be the key during meetings, barbecues and during everyday life, as we will always need a place to safely place drinks, books and other personal items.

2. Let’s shelter the grill from the sun

And speaking of barbecues, another essential piece of furniture regarding  how to make a functional garden  is a  gazebo from Unbranded .

Due to its large size and steel structure, it will offer up to 36.8 m² of shade over any area of ​​the garden. Below, we could put the bistro we previously reviewed (and have a refreshing drink under its shade), or install our grill.

In this way, during parties and meetings we would avoid sun exposure and have greater comfort. Let’s try to leave the coolers or some container/storage there as well, in order to encourage the organization of the space.

3. Let’s store garden products

True, this  Keter storage  is a complement to our grill, but we can also store other things there!

Apart from charcoal, tongs or sacks, empty pots and garden tools would fit. Likewise, on top of the furniture, we can take advantage of the space available.

Just keep in mind that it measures 89.6 cm high and 134 cm wide, so let’s calculate beforehand if both the grill and this piece of furniture fit in the same space.

4. Let’s put a couple of lounge chairs

Let’s renew the garden to such a degree that it becomes the resting place par excellence. In addition to the rocking chairs that we saw previously, let’s evaluate the possibility of bringing the  Keter two-bed garden set .

Made of resin and boasting a graphite color and rattan texture, they will stand out against the green of the grass, without compromising on resistance against UV rays. They can be covered by blankets or cushions according to our tastes.

Oh, and of course, it includes a coffee table: let’s put our glasses or even our cell phone there.

5. Let’s eat at a picnic table

It cannot be missing from the garden tables ! If we want to make our barbecue, gathering or party a success and demonstrate our proper planning as hosts, let’s get a  folding picnic table from Lifetime .

Eating outdoors will be more comfortable than before thanks to this furniture, made of high-density polyethylene. This is the reason for the particular resistance of this picnic table, as it tolerates UV radiation, dust accumulation, oxidation and the generation of cracks or splinters.

Up to 6 people can sit on the long table benches, and we will have the peace of mind that they are low maintenance (we will need to wipe them down occasionally).

Now, this furniture also  renews the garden  and helps organize it, but let’s discover products to complement it and enhance its appearance.

5 tips for decorating with garden furniture

The combination of some decorative elements  could completely modify the appearance of the garden .

1. Let’s give in to the temptation of a hammock

We won’t find a better place to take a nap. We will only need to find solid pillars and nail its pair of hooks well, after which it will be time to secure its pair of ropes.

That done, let’s sit in this  nylon thread hammock from Artemayab , and show off its interwoven and colorful pattern (in blue, yellow, pink and green).

Let’s try to place it in a partially shaded place, so that we don’t sleep completely in the sunlight, and then put a fan pointing in our direction.

2. Let’s find a room that looks

At the outset, let’s remember that we have the freedom to choose a simple and discreet room, or purchase one that stands out.

In that case, let’s get this  Emerald Springs garden room , characterized by its light gray steel and wicker structure, as well as its three comfortably padded light blue cushion chairs. Of course, it also comes with a coffee table; worthy inclusion to the other  garden tables  that we already have there.

The combination of gray and light promote a peaceful, elegant and modern atmosphere, not to mention that they will tolerate being outdoors without getting stained with rust.

Let’s place this room right in the middle of the garden, aware that it will attract the attention of any guest. However, let’s keep in mind that four people can fit in this set.

3. Let’s complement it with cushions

Let’s place several cushions on these chairs and the double armchair, aiming to complete the set. The design of these depends on our preferences, although let’s give the striped and colorful pattern of the  Fiji cushion from Providencia a try .

Its wide stripes in sky blue, green and yellow will match the blue of the room, not to mention that they will provide freshness and personality on their own.

The best of all is that it can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (in a delicate cycle and cold water), and that it can be combined with other designs without problem.

4. Let’s enjoy a swing

This is one of the  must-see garden furniture , so let’s see it at once! The  Hampton Bay circular swing  is both an individual resting place and an aesthetic design that will attract attention, since it is an egg-shaped hanging chair made of wicker.

The striped pattern, arranged in the shape of a wedge, will be enough to beautify the space, apart from the fact that it will be a good support for the cushions.

Not only will it look good, but it will be a functional piece of furniture: remember that the frame, made of steel and covered by a very resistant coating, will hold up to 158 kg.

5. Let’s finish off the decoration with lanterns

Once everything is installed, let’s think about the lighting. An alternative that would attract attention would be the  Inkandia decorative lantern , which will look better in the company of others.

Let’s create a series with this cylindrical lantern, which filters the light through small holes in its surface, and create flashes similar to starlight over our garden.

What other decoration can we think of? Let’s without hesitation try light stakes or garden gnomes, if they fit our tastes.

This is how to make a renovated garden with little furniture

We only need the indicated garden furniture . The good thing is that we already have an overview of the most notable ones, so by reviewing the  furniture available for this space  we will know what characteristics to look for or what style of furniture we like.

The important thing is to take some time and decide according to our needs, the defined budget and the space we have available in the garden.



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