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What Type Of Insect Repellent Do You Need?

There are different varieties of insect repellent, but knowing which one we need and knowing the differences between the available alternatives will shorten the path to the ideal solution.

The first thing we should know is that repellents are products that do not kill insects, but rather scare them away, protecting our garden from possible pests and helping to avoid their annoying bites. Which will allow us to enjoy outdoor spaces with greater peace of mind, and in many cases without feeling unpleasant aromas.

Another case is when a pest already exists and it is necessary to control it. For these situations, the most appropriate solution may be to use an aerosol or other type of insecticide, which helps us reduce or eliminate different types of annoying insects from our garden.

For both cases, it will be important to choose products that do not generate unwanted effects and of course it is necessary that we review their components and follow their instructions for use and application to the letter to avoid any unwanted situation. Below we list the different types within both categories and briefly explain what uses they are indicated for:

Insect repellents


They work through the emission of heat that disperses the mosquito repellent in the garden. Due to their aesthetics and practicality, they are often used and provide a decorative accent at outdoor events. In the market it is possible to find flammable citronella oil that can be used in outdoor torches, allowing a pleasant aroma and lighting without the presence of mosquitoes due to the properties of citronella.

They are excellent for your family gatherings or meals because they prevent insects from roaming around the table, disturbing the diners.


In addition to being a good alternative to repel mosquitoes thanks to the fact that they contain essential oils like citronella candles , they can work as a complement to other repellents for short periods, offering a localized action.

Another advantage of candles with repellents is that they can serve as flavorings or be integrated as another element in your decoration.

Repellent sprays

The long-lasting Cutter spray in its original version, or the one containing aloe vera, will keep mosquitoes away from you. Both are in a 170 gram presentation, ideal to have at home or in your workplace.

Electric insect repellent

An electric insect repellent can work using two different mechanisms: using ultrasound or with refills, which can come in liquid or sheet form. The repellent substance contained in this type of solid insecticide is released by electricity and in this way they manage to keep insects away.

Electric mosquito repellents

These types of electrical devices can be used indoors or outdoors and are based directly on the use of electricity to eliminate mosquitoes and insects. A good product for the first need may be the Steren indoor electric insect killer device in black, with an appropriate design to combine with any decoration. Another alternative is the electronic flying insect exterminator , a device that kills mosquitoes without contaminating the environment, emitting noise or giving off bad odors. Its dimensions are 33x 16 centimeters and it has a two-meter cable.

For outdoors, an option may be the electric exterminator that works through UV lamps , from 1800 to 4000 VDC, which kills various species of insects, keeping patios and gardens free of pests.

Insecticides and pesticides

Solid insecticide

The solid spiral insecticide offers effective protection against mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Contains 12 spiral-shaped pieces of 12 grams each.

Sprinkler Solutions

The white insecticide Biotherine Flow  is one of the substances that can be placed in sprinklers or motorized sprayers. Its effect lasts six months and is available in a 100 milliliter presentation.

Insecticide bait

It is ideal for eliminating colonies of leaf ants. An example of this type of product is the Trompa anticide bait , which is made from a substance called amoebicin. Its use in gardens does not affect plants, people or pets.

Another good option to consider, when you are looking to combat cockroaches, is the Exterpro brown insecticidal bait that controls the pests of this type of insects.

electric rackets

This type of solution is a good alternative if you decide to go camping or spend some quality time in the garden. The electric racket kills insects , eliminates flying species and is suitable for family use, since it is non-toxic and does not produce smoke.

Insecticide sprays

The golden Raid Max aerosol insecticide is a must-have in the home, as it is an easy-to-use and store pesticide, with fast and effective action against cockroaches and crawling insects. It is sold in a practical 400 ml presentation.

But if what is required is a solution for home and garden, Baygon vede insecticide spray kills all types of mosquitoes and flies, including those that transmit dengue fever without harming your garden or indoor spaces.

liquid insecticides

Another very interesting option is the Boom garden insecticide , which although it does not fall into the aerosol category, because it is a liquid with a spray bottle, it can offer a solution as effective as an aerosol. In addition, it has very attractive characteristics, for example, a long-lasting protective effect and being a 100% ecological product that does not stain, does not generate bad odors or is toxic.

For localized problems such as those that occur in cracks, edges, ceilings and other corners, the 240 milliliter Urbacin liquid insecticide is an excellent alternative. Its function is to control and eliminate cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, ants, flies and other insects.

Another highly effective product in hard-to-reach areas is the Biodelta insecticide and acaricide that eliminates cockroaches, ants, lice and fleas thanks to its microencapsulation technology.


They eliminate insects using substances that attract them and they die when feeding on them. Their advantage is that they can be placed at strategic points in the home, where cockroaches or other harmful species tend to concentrate. Products with this function are the 30 gram cockroachicide gel package that includes nine stations to place the gel where necessary. Similarly, Antex gel insecticide offers a nine-season ant solution with an attractive and lethal formula.



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