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Why Use A Brush Cutter For Our Garden?

Gardens are one of the most used spaces in the home, where we can carry out a large number of activities, such as meetings, celebrations and enjoying the outdoors and vegetation with family, friends and loved ones.

Thinking about the care and maintenance of our garden, it is essential to have specialized tools. Among which are the brush cutter, pruners, blowers, scissors, shovel or hoe , among others that we must consider having available.

Tools to consider in our garden

In this way, if we want to know why to use a brush cutter , we must first know the following differences between this and other types of tools that will also help us care for a garden:


It is a machine that is pushed and directed to cut the grass, covering a wide space. It is common to find it in houses that have a large garden and there may be different types of mowers , such as electric, manual or gasoline-powered ones.

The operation of the mower depends on the type of system with which it is working, some can integrate batteries for greater mobility in the area and it is very common that any mower allows us to modify certain height levels for cutting the grass according to the needs of our garden


They work to clean the garden area and tree branches of debris or dry leaves. They can be very helpful in preventing dirt from affecting plants or grass, and allow work to be done more comfortably.

Scissors, shovel, hoe, axe, cultivator and rake

Each of these hand tools has a purpose for garden care. For example, scissors, ax or machete are for cutting branches or leaves. The shovel and hoe can work to remove the soil, although it is preferable to opt for the cultivator or a soil rake for this purpose.


The chain saw or chainsaw can also be a tool to consider, this is used for cutting tasks , where greater power is required because large areas will be cut, such as the outline of a medium and large tree trunk. They also allow us to trim the arms of small bushes more quickly.

Knowing the characteristics and functions of these tools, we can go into detail about the knowledge about brush cutters and identify the differences that their system has for caring for our garden at home.

What is a grass trimmer?

It is a necessary tool for trimming grass and all kinds of herbs, even those that are difficult to access such as those that grow on the edges of trees and bushes, stairs, edges of sidewalks and walls. The brush cutter also works for us to cut in areas where there are elements that we must take care of, such as the floor covering or ceramic wall.

At this point, we must clarify that the brush cutter is not used to replace the pruner , but rather it complements its work so that we have an impeccable garden. And the same thing happens for the other tools, since they all have an appropriate design to do a specific job in order to obtain better results when maintaining plants, trees, grass and the garden in general.

How is the brush cutter different from other garden tools?

As a first point of distinction, brushcutters work under several cutting systems , such as nylon thread, blades, cutting discs or the integration of more than one.

We must consider that the choice of equipment has to correspond to our needs, that is, the size of the garden, the type of herbs that grow in the garden or the height of the grass and herbs.

Now, brush cutters have a motor system that is activated by an electrical or combustion process, which means that there are no manual models. For this reason, we can get an idea that these work with a powerful motor, that they are comfortable to work with and that we do not need to use too much effort for cutting activities.

Likewise, there are also wireless brushcutters that integrate a battery to operate without cables, which allows us better mobility. At this point they resemble pruners, but it is good to mention this ease of moving in the area, especially to trim in more remote and difficult-to-access spaces (such as corners that the pruning machine cannot reach).

In the same way, a grass trimmer has different programs for its operation, which allows us to make cuts at different height levels and modify them according to what is required for the area or type of grass.

3 reasons and qualities why to use a grass trimmer

Among the different garden equipment and tools, a brush cutter can be very useful. Below we review some of its main features to have one.

1. Lightweight and easy-to-use equipment

A brush cutter maintains a design with a grip handle, a stick structure and a lower part where the cutting system is located. Due to these characteristics, it is a light equipment that we can easily transport and does not add significant weight when working.

They generally have a small size, which helps us store it without problems inside or outside the home. For their maintenance, we only have to ensure that they are always clean and dry.

In addition, it is a relatively very simple tool to use, since you only activate its operation and we have to direct it towards where we want to cut. Even if we specialize in the details of the electric brush cutter, we must highlight that they are equipment that does not generate greater noise when operating and does not generate a greater impact when used.

2. Diversity of models and powers

Thanks to the different options and model alternatives that we can currently find on the market, it is very likely that we can buy a suitable grass trimmer for our garden.

At this point, we must remember that there are electric, battery-powered, and gasoline brush cutters.

  • Electric brush cutter : they may have lower power, but they tend to be less noisy and cheaper, strengths to consider when choosing.
  • Battery-powered brush cutter : it gives us freedom of movement as it is wireless, however, we must take into account that the battery discharges and the equipment has to be recharged.
  • Gasoline brush cutter : These brush cutters can be more powerful in terms of cutting speed and intensity, but they may be noisier and more expensive.

3. Greater precision in cuts

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of any type of grass trimmer is its ability to make cuts of adequate precision , ideal for any grass trimming activity. With the different programs that are integrated, we have the opportunity to modify and adapt the tool so that it makes the cuts at the desired height and power, considering its range in this last point.



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