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How to design an outdoor courtyard

The yard is the ideal place in the house where you can relax and have a good time. It can be even more pleasant if it overlooks a garden. You can have a banal and lifeless yard or you can decide to give character and relief to your yard. This starts with a good floor covering, an attractive arrangement of the walls and a whole series of initiatives that you can take to decorate your yard as much as possible. Let’s discover together in this article, how to go about arranging your outdoor yard.

What flooring should you choose for your outdoor courtyard?

When choosing your outdoor flooring , you will have the choice between different types of flooring. The choice must take into account the use you make of your yard. Depending on whether it is passable, that is to say accessible to cars, or pedestrian, you have the possibility of opting for different types of flooring.

For driveable floors, you can use natural paving stones or reconstituted paving stones if you have a regional or old-style house. If you have a contemporary-style house, you can opt for black or colored asphalt. You can also choose aggregate accompanied by a gravel stabilizer. It is also possible to opt for gravel emulsion or deactivated concrete. For pedestrian floors, several choices are again possible. We can quickly mention regional stone slabs, wooden slats, natural or synthetic grass or even terracotta.

What layout for the walls?

Any step taken to develop an outdoor courtyard will leave a taste of unfinished business if it does not include the walls of the courtyard. It is possible to decorate the walls of the courtyard in different ways. For example, you can cover them with climbing plants such as Virginia creeper or ivy. You can also use decorative trellises or create a retrenchment effect behind wooden cladding. Painting them in color will give a shimmering effect to your walls. You can also plant plants in front of the walls or install mirrors to give an impression of depth. Beyond the walls, you can also use other decorative accessories to further brighten up your outdoor courtyard such as masonry planters, wooden planters or a vegetable patch.




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