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Should a drainage channel be installed near an in-ground pool?

If you have an above-ground pool, you won’t necessarily have this problem with water drainage. However, as soon as it is buried, water can escape onto the tiles and lawn or stagnate due to rain. When installing a pool of this type, it is best to select a drainage channel by going through professionals.

How to install a drainage channel?

Rain can accumulate around the pool, which can be problematic for your installation . Experts like ULMA Architectural Solutions will be able to advise you on the product to choose and the different steps not to neglect.

  • You need to dig a trench that will match the characteristics of your gutter.
  • It is advisable to have a fairly large hole, leaving an extra 10 cm on the sides.
  • Consider a one-centimeter slope so that water can drain away more easily.
  • Level the bottom by raking while removing stones and pebbles.

It is imperative to stabilize your drainage channel so that it is well fixed . Professionals recommend applying concrete by mixing two volumes of sand and four volumes of gravel. This sole must be 5 centimeters thick.

Now lay your drainage channel

In collaboration with the technical department of ULMA Architectural Solutions, you will find the drainage channels best suited to your situation. While some are designed for buildings or roads, you will be able to find solutions for the pool area. The aim is to choose a product that matches the decoration and the need to quickly evacuate water. Generally, the references with slots are preferred for buried pools.

Speaking of decoration, ULMA Architectural Solultions has recently expanded its range of slotted grates, the solution for discreet drainage without loss of hydraulic capacity. They now have a new height measurement of 25 mm that can be very useful for installation in swimming pools, for example, where the height of the ground is very low. The new H25 slotted grate is suitable for load class A-15 according to EN-1433. In addition, its maintenance is easy and practical, as it has inspections adapted to its height.

Seal the whole thing with concrete using the recipe suggested beforehand. You will then be able to drain the water more easily around your in-ground pool, which will not be a problem for your installation. Indeed, excess humidity will tend to damage the tiles or the edges for example .

Do you need a drainage system?

When children play in the pool, if the water stagnates at the sides, you do not have good drainage. If your soil is clayey or sandy , there is real instability since it does not appreciate excess humidity. The location of your pool is also of real importance.

If you have a slope, you will probably have excess water at the end of it, which will also be harmful. To ensure that your in-ground pool is not damaged over the years, it is strongly recommended to install a perfectly adapted drainage channel . You will then be able to enjoy your pool in peace.




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